The Environmental Biology Network (EBNet), a BBSRC/EPSRC NIBB, is a free-to-join network open to all. One of 6 new Phase II Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (NIBB), we exist to network individuals working across all areas, including industry, government, regulators, social enterprises and community groups alongside academics from all disciplines and interests. Join us at the start of this 5 year network to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and opportunities in your field.

EBNet/Algae-UK Joint event -

9 Oct 19, Birkbeck College, London

We will be holding a joint event with ALGAE-UK in London on “Algae & Environ- mental Biotechnology: Recent Developments in the field of carbon capture, commmercial developments and integrated systems”. Find out more from top national and international experts. This event is free to members of Algae UK and EBNet. This event is now full, but the agenda can be accessed here. Map to 30 Russell Square is here.

Early Career Researcher Conference

Our congratulations to all the winners at our ECR Conference: Best Overall Presentation (Prize: £1,500 Travel Bursary): Aaron Brown, University of Leeds Best in Session 1: Ziyi Liu, Imperial College London Best in Session 2: Aaron Brown, University of Leeds Best in Session 3: Natalia Jawiarczyk, Cranfield University Best in Session 4: Anastasiia Kostrytsia, University of Glasgow Best in Session 5: James Robson, University of York Best in Session 6: Angela Sherry, Newcastle University Best Poster- First prize: Nopa Maulidiany, University of Southampton Best Poster- Joint Second prize(s): Umar Abdulmutalib, University of Surrey Burhan Shamurad, University of Newcastle Zhouying Wu, Imperial College London ECR Photography competition winners: 1 st - James Robson, University of York: “Light and heavy isotope labelled DNA from methane producing anaer- obic digesters to identify active populations” 2 nd - Sanjay Nagarajan, Queen’s University Belfast: “Next gen AMPTS system, known as the ‘gas endeavour system’ to monitor BMP.” 3 rd - Nopa Maulidiany, University of Southampton: “Granular sludge treating Remazole Brilliant Blue dye.”

Activities and Funding

Opt in to join the EB Network and benefit from our free newsletter, members’ events, workshops, cross-disciplinary events, funding opportunities, access to world-class speakers and other activities. We plan to provide UK ECRs with funding via travel bursaries, secondments, industry placements and training, both in the UK and overseas - and our FREE annual ECR conference, a relaxed event run by ECRs for ECRs. Our dedicated research flexible funds encompass Interdisciplinary Translational Research (ITR) projects - up to £100,000 (academic only) and Industry Support Grants (ISG) - up to £10,000 (academia/industry match funded). Be the first to be notified of calls.

EBNet Aims

The aim of EBNet is to develop and strengthen links between advanced molecu- lar and applied microbiology, engineering and systems optimisation to maximise the societal impacts and benefits. Its overall goal is to take fundamental discov- ery science towards practical application in key areas of the human/environment interface.

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