Environmental Biotechnology Network

EBNet Working Group: Bioinformatics

Aim: Bioinformatics training for microbial Environmental Biotechnologies

Photo by energepiccom from Pexels.com

In order to increase the application of ‘omics technologies towards understanding the microbial processes underpinning Environmental Biotechnology, this WG will develop opportunities for stakeholders to engage with bioinformatics pipelines for understanding microbial community dynamics. We will do this by providing insight into potential of ‘omics techniques in Environmental Biotechnology, the design of these types of experiment and the development of online training resources for the analysis and visualisation of the resulting data, currently supported by the UKRI grant Cloud-SPAN: Specialised analyses for environmental ‘omics with Cloud-based High Performance Computing (MR/V038680/1) led by Prof. Chong.


Contact the Working Group co-ordinator:

Professor James Chong, University of York. Email: james.chong[at]york.ac.uk with “EBNet Working Group” in the subject in the first instance.
Prof. Chong’s group has experience of applying metagenomics, metatranscriptomics and metabolomics analyses to microbial communities in the context of anaerobic digestion. His group use established analytical pipelines, but also develop their own bespoke scripts for data analysis.

WG Activities

The WG will focus on the development of online resources for researchers wishing to gain and develop skills in the analysis and visualisation of ‘omics datasets.