DEC 19 Funding Roundup

DEC 19 Funding Roundup

KTN: GCRF AgriFood Africa Innovation Awards
Deadline: 6 January 2020
Up to £800k will be available to support a maximum of 20 awards.

INNOVATE UK: Smart Grants
Deadline: 8 Jan 2020
Projects can cost up to £2m, of which up to 70% can be funded depending on the size of your business.

POST’s Parliamentary Academic Fellowship Scheme – Directed Call
Deadline:19 January 2020 

NERC: Announcement of Opportunity: Reducing the Impacts of Plastic Waste in Developing Countries
Deadlines: intent to submit – 20 January 2020; full proposals: 17 March 2020
Highlight topics include “Biodegradable plastics as emerging environmental pollutants” and “Achieving net environmental gain and resilient ecosystems in the UK”

Horizon 2020: EIC Horizon Prize for ‘Fuel from the Sun: Artificial Photosynthesis’ (€5m)
Deadline: 3 February 2021

INNOVATE UK: ISCF transforming foundation industries: fast start projects
Deadline: 5 February 2020

INNOVATE UK: ISCF TFP science and technology into practice: feasibility studies
Deadline: 26 February 2020

BBSRC: FAPESP Pump-Priming Awards
Deadline: apply at any time.

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS): International Fellowships for Research in Japan
Deadline: various
Numerous opportunities for academics at every stage to seek closer ties with institutions in Japan.