Environmental Biotechnology Network

Travel Bursaries for ECR’s

We offer a number of ECR* travel bursaries for our EBNet or NIBB events, for doing a SWAP with another lab and for presenting at international conferences. Note that, unless we have provided written confirmation to the contrary, ALL travel bursary expenses have to be claimed within 3 months of the event start date or the offer will automatically be withdrawn. Details of conferences are below and do keep an eye out for details on our newsletters.

SWAP Bursaries

Proud of the work going on in your lab? Fancy a visit to another lab tackling similar topics? We have just the thing for you, the Share With A Peer (SWAP) Travel Bursary

It can be hugely useful to see how other labs work –as much for the little details as for the headline analyses and methods. If you want to swap ideas on set-ups and solutions, send us an email. We can offer up to £250* towards accommodation, meals, and travel per person for each 1/2-day trip. All we ask in return is that you take the time to make a short video clip &/or pictures suitable for our website. It’s that simple. More information on our flyer or web page.

Conferences Currently Open

We have a limited number of ECR* Conference Travel Bursaries, allocated competitively by call to pre-selected conferences. Applicants must have been accepted for a platform presentations – any variation on this will be notified on an event-by-event basis. Download the Guidance and Application Form for more information. [NOTE 2023: We have temporarily raised the Travel Bursary maximum level to £2,000 to reflect the rise in the cost-of-living and international flights.]

Priority will be given to applications received within 2 weeks of the conference notification date (if notification is delayed we will follow suit). In order to satisfy the bursary requirement we will be asking for a short video – suitable for upload for EBNet promotional purpose – from successful applicants. This would comprise a short (2-5 min.) talk, which we could use on the EBNet website (recorded at your convenience). This proviso is a condition of the award. As a finite resource, these bursaries will be rationed across the lifetime of the Network, so we do recommend early enquiries to avoid disappointment.

Conferences Previously Supported

Case Studies

See how our bursaries have supported members at previous conferences with our case studies here:

*Definition of ECR/Young Professional

To be considered an Early Career Researcher, you must be an academic/postgraduate/post-doctorate in a permanent position in a UK institution. This need not be full-time. Applicants at the time of submission must have no more than three years’ full-time employment (or the full-time equivalent taking account of career breaks, part-time employment, etc.) at lecturer or equivalent level and should not exceed 10 years in active postgraduate research studies and postdoctoral research employment.