Environmental Biotechnology Network

Placement Awards

Placement Awards are available to help fund UK-based Network members to facilitate the transfer and exchange of research and knowledge. This could be for training purposes or for the accumulation of new skills. They are not to be used for conference attendance. They may be used to fund a visit to an industry partner or research laboratory for training purposes, but may not be used for training within an organisation. Awards have a value of up to £1,500 for UK-based placements and £3,000 for overseas placements. [NOTE 2023: We have temporarily raised the UK Placement maximum level to £2,000 to reflect the rise in the cost-of-living and international flights.]

They are available to all UK-based members, whether ECR or mid-career, and will be assessed upon the potential value of the placement to the applicant, the applicant’s organisation and the UK EB community.

Download the Guidance and an application form and contact us if you have any queries..

Case Studies

See how our bursaries have supported members at previous placements with our case studies here: