NOVEMBER 20 Events Roundup

The Biochemical Society – Digital Biology: Advanced computational approaches to biological design and engineering
20 November 2020

The Biochemical Society – Developments in Industrial Biotechnology
26 November 2020

KTN: Accelerating Net Zero Chemical Manufacturing: Waste polymers as a feedstock
24 November 2020

KTN: #IdeasMeanBusiness: The legalities of running a small business
25 November 2020

THYME Project: Sustainable Waste Water Treatment and the Bioeconomy
26 November 2020

Sci-Med: Webinar Day for the Waste, Environmental and Recycling Industries
3 December 2020

Marisurf Workshop – Evaluation of Bioactive Compounds from Marine and Other Sources
3 December 2020

CIWEM: The FABSOIL (Fabricated Soils) Project
8 December 2020

Decarbonising Yorkshire with Anaerobic Digestion
15 December 2020

KTN: Addressing the Challenge of Microfibres – from source of production to environmental contamination
17 December 2020

CIWEM: Net Zero and the Water Industry
17 December 2020

IES Webinar: Exploring world class landscape restoration
13 January 2020

CIWM: Resource Conference Cymru
16 March 2021, Sophia Gardens Cricket Ground, Cardiff

CIWM: Resourcing the Future Conference
8-9 June 2021, One Great George Street London

RSC: MOFs for energy and the environment – Faraday Discussion
23-25 June 2021, Manchester