1st International Conference on Novel Photorefineries for Resource Recovery

1st International Conference on Novel Photorefineries for Resource Recovery

PHOTOREFINERIES 2024 will be held in Valladolid, Spain, 9-11 September 2024.

In the global quest for sustainability in all anthropogenic activities, the potential of sun radiation to power resource recovery from solid, liquid and gaseous emissions has been underestimated. Novel photorefineries, based on the combined action of solar radiation and chemical catalyst or photosynthetic microorganisms, can effectively support the conversion of carbon and nutrients into added value products and disinfect water, whilst complying with the ever-stricter environmental regulations.

This event represents the first conference of the European COST Action PURPLEGAIN. However, the conference will gather scientists, engineers and practitioners to exchange the latest knowledge on the application of photocatalysis and microbial photosynthesis for the upcycling of carbon and nutrients, covering from the fundamentals of organic and inorganic carbon conversion to green chemicals and fuels, to the engineering and up-scaling of novel photoreactors.

The opportunity to bring together expertise in both chemical and biological catalysts powered by solar light to convert residual streams into added value products in a single event constitutes a unique discussion platform of the latest scientific discoveries and practical applications, in a field of research that has exponentially increased over the past decade as a result of the need to implement circular economy and sustainable processes.

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