AD Modelling Demystified: Essential Fundamentals and Hands-on Applications

AD Modelling Demystified: Essential Fundamentals and Hands-on Applications

Thursday, 8th February at 12:00 – 2:00 pm UK Time. View the recording here.

In this webinar, we will describe the modelling fundamentals and highlight the benefits associated with its practice. We will break down the two main approaches to modelling anaerobic digestion, mechanistic and data-driven alternatives, along with their pros and cons. Towards the end, we will introduce two useful web modules that are freely available for modelling, showcasing the added value of modelling. Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate the significant role that modelling should play in the context of climate change, industrial automation and digitalisation for both academia and industrial partners. 

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12:00    AD – Latest figures, projections & research trends  

Angela Bywater, Environmental Biotechnology Network Co-manager

12:15    Modelling in AD – Basic principles, benefits, and current trends

Andrés Donoso-Bravo, Modela

12:35    Q&A

12:45    Mechanistic modelling: ODE vs PDE

Constanza Sadino-Riquelme, Modela

13:00    Data-driven/Machine Learning approach

Michael Short, University of Surrey

13:20    Q&A

13:30    Two available applications for data modelling and digester prediction

Constanza Sadino-Riquelme, Modela

13:50    Q&A

14:00    Close