BIV Funding Opens 6 Jan 20

The Environmental Biotechnology Network Business Interaction Voucher (BIV) call opens on 6 Jan 20 and will close on 28 Feb 20, with winners notified on a date to be confirmed. Application form and guidance is on our funding web page.

BIV’s enable industry partners to ‘buy’ an academic’s time and expertise to look at a clearly defined and specific industry problem. Work must be relevant to the aims of EBNet. Priority will be given to porposals that foster industry/academic links by supporting the implementation of new technology through troubleshooting and problem-solving research. It is hoped that projects will unlock the potential of academia to provide novel expertise, solutions and resources which would otherwise be unavailable to the industry partner.

Awards are up to £20K match funded by industry. These are 80% awards so, for a £20K award, industry would have to find 80% (£16K), of which a minimum of 50% (£8K) must be in cash and 50% (£8K) in kind. Full details will be in the guidance.