EBNet-AlgaeUK: Algae and Environmental Biotechnology, 9 Oct 19

EBNet-AlgaeUK: Algae and Environmental Biotechnology, 9 Oct 19

Prof Sonia Heaven opens EBNet/Algae-UK conference

Frank Rogalla Aqualia outlining the All-gas project

x3 ALG 2019 #50 BP close-upx

Dr Brenda Parker, UCL on phycoremediation

x5 carole 1

Prof Carole Llewellyn, Swansea University, on ALG-AD project

x4 ALG 2019 #41 CL talkx

Prof Llewellyn, University of Swansea, on Alg-AD project

x6 ALG 2019 #32 x

Lunchtime networking

x7 ALG 2019 #39 lunch x

EBNet/Algae UK lunchtime networking

x7a baby 1

Dr Sharon Velasquez Orta introduces her young scientist to colleagues

x9 ALG 2019 #27 MR talkx

Dr Mike Ross, SAMS on Algal Biotech at SAMS

x8 mike ross 2

Dr Michael Ross, SAMS

x10 saul purton

Prof Saul Purton, UCL, on Algae-UK Network

x9a ALG 2019 #29x

Dr John Milledge, University of Greenwich, chairing the Algae/EB challenge panel

x11 panel 2

Panel session exploring Algal EB challenges

x12 panel 4

Prof Heaven talks on value of cross-disciplinary working

x13 question

Lively questions at Algae-UK/EBNet event

The theme of this EBNet and Algae-UK joint event was “recent developments in the field of carbon capture, commercial development and integrated systems”. Held at Birkbeck College, London on 9 Oct 19, a stellar gathering of speakers explored the following topics. Talks were followed by a panel session, kindly chaired by Dr John Milledge, University of Greenwich.