Outreach volunteer training for Science Fair

The University of Southampton’s Science and Engineering Day will be held on 14 Mar 20, as part of a week-long festival from 6-15 March. There will be all kinds of amazing events including our Circular Bioeconomy Roadshow which includes our solar-powered anaerobic digester, Rubens Tube, VFA ‘Show and smell’, pH ‘How healthy is your digester’, the popular ‘rubbish game’ and our circular bioeconomy products quiz. Here we have Marty Climenhaga, our Outreach Coordinator, making sure everyone is up to speed with all our activities.

Come along to the Science Festival and see us and loads of other researchers in action – it’s suitable for all ages and a lot of fun. Find out more about our Science Day and register here: https://www.sotsef.co.uk/