Biochar in Environmental Biotechnology: Webinar, 12 Feb 24, 10:00-11:00 am (GMT)

Biochar in Environmental Biotechnology: Webinar, 12 Feb 24, 10:00-11:00 am (GMT)

View Meredith’s working group introduction here. Download Professor Coulon’s presentation here and Distinguished Professor Ball’s presentation here.

Full video coming soon.

The webinar, hosted by Dr Meredith Barr from the EB Network Biochar Working Group, features Professor Andy Ball , Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Professor Fred Coulon, Cranfield University discussing the application of biochar to the field of environmental biotechnology to improve bioremediation, resource recovery, and environmental protection. They will showcase case studies from their respective work. Since this is the inaugural session of the Biochar Working Group, Meredith will lead a short session to explore activities that the community may find valuable to undertake.

Professor Frederic Coulon holds a chair in Environmental Chemistry & Microbiology at Cranfield University (UK) and is recognised for his internationally leading contribution on water, soil and wastewater treatment, resource recovery and environment, and public communication of environmental science and engineering. His work is premised on the understanding that environmental resources are inextricably intertwined and therefore there is a need of advancing a nexus approach to enable integrated and sustainable management of water, soil and waste systems. His contribution was chosen to exemplify the influence and impact of Cranfield’s research in this field for the University’s 2014 REF Impact Case Studies, Improved bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils.

Title: “Reviving bioremediation options and sustainability: Microbial enhanced biochar opportunities”

Distinguished Professor Andy Ball is a Professor in Environmental Microbiology in the School of Science, RMIT University in Melbourne and the Director of the Australian Research Council Training Centre for the Transformation of Australia’s Biosolids Resource. His research expertise is in the fields of bioremediation, organic waste treatment, and environmental fate of organic pollutants.

Title: “Application of biosolids-derived biochar for the bioremediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soil”