EBNet at the World Biogas Summit 2020

Prof Sonia Heaven joined a line-up of speakers from New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and the UK to speak on “Balancing H2 input to anaerobic digesters to maximise methane production”.

This work, carried out with Bing Tao, Yue Zhang, Charles Banks and others is outlined in more detail in the Environmental Lab Facebook post here. The journal paper can be found here. Sonia describes this exciting piece of research in a very accessible way and outlines the real-world operational pros and cons.

Angie Bywater joined Owen Yeatman (Farmergy/Cavimax), Henry du Val de Beaulieu (Yelspa/Apsley Farms) and Oliver O’Toole (Greencycle Systems) to look at research and practice in the topic area of “Turning vented CO2 into a revenue stream in the UK and globally”.

With plenty of other exciting presentations and an opening address by Lord Deben, the World Biogas Summit 2020 had something for everyone and the content can be accessed for a small fee here.