Environmental Biotechnology Network

EBNet Working Group: N2O emissions from Environmental Biotechnologies


To bring academics and practitioners together to put the tackling of the nitrous oxide (and subsequently methane) emissions from environmental biotechnologies on a sound methodological footing, with a particular emphasis on quantifying the role of the key microorganisms.

As well as education, training and collaboration, we intend to facilitate, accelerate and underwrite ongoing efforts in:
• The design accessible pipelines for metagenomic tools and qPCR protocols targeting key genes in N2O emissions.
• Ring testing of N2O measurements to ensure comparability between studies.
• Promoting the early reporting of results to share lesson learned, increase confidence in findings.

Image by Alan Frijns from Pixabay


Contact the Working Group Co-ordinators: Professor Tom Curtis and Ben Allen Newcastle University. Tom and Ben will be working closely with Dr Carlos Domingo-Felez in Glasgow and Dr Bing Guo in Surrey. Prof. Tom Curtis is Professor of Environmental Engineering and joined Newcastle University in 1994 after a Master and PhD in Public Health Engineering in Leeds and experience in construction in the Middle East and Public Health Policy in the UK’s Department of Health. He is interested in the interaction between water, waste, the environment and health with a focus on developing countries to the need to harness the new generation of biology and microbial ecology to enable us to develop transformative engineered biological systems that will benefit all societies. Ben Allen is a Bioinformatics Systems Administrator at Newcastle University.

Working Group Activities

Microbial reduction of nitrous oxide: a decade of ecophysiological investigation and development into a viable greenhouse-gas removal technology. 26 May 2023, 12.00-15.00 hrs. By: Dr Sukhwan Yoon, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon, South Korea.

N2O Emissions from Environmental Biotechnologies – an introduction to progress and challenges. 27 Apr 23, 13:00-15:00 hrs. The video is available here.


Previously funded EBNet POC project – Mitigating N2O emission from wastewater treatment processes.
Low-dissolved-oxygen nitrification in tropical sewage: an investigation on potential, performance and functional microbial community
By: S W How, S Y Lim, P B Lim, A M Aris, G C Ngoh, T P Curtis, A S M Chua. In: Water Sci Technol. 2018 May;77(9-10):2274-2283. doi: 10.2166/wst.2018.143.