Environmental Biotechnology Network

Environmental Biotechnology and Social Sciences Working Group


The term ‘Environmental Biotechnology’ (EB) is central to EBNet’s activities, but its use has raised some interesting questions. It does not have universal recognition, nor do all users agree on what it encompasses; however, many see a value in the term.  The purpose of this EBNet Working Group is to examine the histories, contemporary dynamics and potential futures of the field of environmental biotechnology, drawing on insights from the social sciences, in particular science and technology studies (STS). The working group will conduct exploratory research, summarise and share findings, consider future interdisciplinary projects and make recommendations to EBNet. Although not intended as a membership WG, there will be opportunities for input from the EBNet community.


Contact us on EBNet[@]EBNet.ac.uk for more information and to be put in touch with the team.