General Joining Instructions for Webinar Participants

General Joining Instructions for Webinar Participants

When you register you will be added to our attendee list. Later, we will email a joining link to the email address you provided on registration. On the day, click on this to join the webinar. We recommend people arrive about 5-10 minutes in advance. That way, if there are any problems you can always email us to resend a link:

Webinar: A quick briefing on the webinar basics will be made at the start. As a courtesy, kindly remember to set video and sound settings to mute as a default upon joining the webinar. Please do not interrupt speakers – questions and discussion follow talks. We encourage further questions to be posted, at any time, using the text-based “chat” function.

Eligibility: Our events and webinars are open to EBNet members only. Note that by registering for this event as an EBNet member you agree to abide by the T&Cs of membership. (Join).


I haven’t had an email to join the Webinar yet.
We send these out about a week in advance. But if you haven’t got it by the day before – email us. Errors do happen – people can misspell their email address on registration or we can skip a line on a spreadsheet – so just let us know.

I received an email but when I accepted, it disappeared – taking the link with it! What do I do?
Nothing. The link will have added itself to your personal Outlook calendar. It should automatically pop up a reminder for you just before the event which you can choose to dismiss or accept, on the day. Therefore, before you contact us to check, it is worth having a look on your calendar to see if the event is scheduled already. In Outlook, go to your Calendar. Click on the date of the Webinar. All your daily events should be there. See if there is one for the EBNet Webinar at the right time. If so, relax. You can always join us by clicking on “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” there. Remember, if all else fails on the day, just email us (we monitor) and we can send another link via return email.

I want to ask questions of the speakers – why must I use chat? What is it? How do I use it?
With many dozens of attendees, it is impossible to allow a free-for-all on questions – imagine the mayhem! Therefore, the Chair acts as the focal point for all questions so that speakers can answer your questions placed on the chat. At the top right of your screen there are several icons (including the mute video/audio which you should have engaged). The first looks like a group of people. If you click on this, a participant side bar will appear to the right. Click again to remove it. The next icon along looks like a speech bubble. Click on this and the chat side bar appears. Type your questions here and everyone can see, vote for questions and respond. The Chair will monitor this and may ask your question from it at the Q&A. Leave chat open if you want to see what everyone else is asking. Or to focus on the talk, click the icon again to make it disappear.

Someone just asked the question I wanted to ask on chat – how do I let the Chair know I want to know more too?
Hover your cursor over the chat item. Emojis appear (mini pictures). Click on the thumbs up icon and it will be added to that comment. When the Chair sees lots of thumbs up – they know the question is important!

I didn’t get a chance to ask my question/make my point. What can I do?
We network our members – but it is up to you to make the connections. The Chair should be your first point of contact. Like most speakers, they will have publicly available work email addresses online. You can direct topic-specific questions/queries through to them later. If you want more on the general topic or comment about EBNet itself, be sure to respond to our EBNet Post-event Survey. We are led by our members interests. Working Groups or other activities will only happen if you tell us you want them.